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Summer School Course Description
Chemistry 161

Chemistry 161 Chemistry, the initial quantitative science course in our college preparatory sequence, develops major chemical concepts. Chemistry students explore laboratory studies while developing mathematical models and theoretical explanations of chemical processes. Topics typically include particulate nature of matter, the periodic table, atomic structure, nomenclature, reactions, gas laws, the mole & stoichiometry, and acids/bases. Prerequisite: Algebra 163 or equivalent. All-subject and academic GPA. Code/Date: SCC16100R June 13-July 2; Time: 8:00 a.m-1:35 p.m.; Credit: SO JR SR * This course is generally not recommended for students taking high school chemistry for the first time. Any students desiring to take this as a first chemistry course must request enrollment in BOTH semesters and seek approval from the Instructional Supervisor for Science at the student's respective school prior to registering for this course.

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