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Summer School Course Description
Biology 162

Biology 162 A first year biology course that investigates the common characteristics of all living organisms including: cell structure and function, energy in living systems, reproduction, growth, development, genetics, evolution, and interactions within and between species in a variety of environments. This course takes on an ecological approach to biology and focuses on using our community and local environments to explore the characteristics of life. Throughout the summer, students will experience a variety of laboratory activities designed to enhance their problem solving skills and understanding of scientific processes. All-subject and academic GPA. Code/Date: SCB12200R July 1-Juy 19; Time: 8:00 a.m.-1:35 p.m.; Credit: SO JR SR * This course is generally not recommended for students taking high school biology for the first time. Any students desiring to take this as a first biology course must request enrollment in BOTH semesters and seek approval from the Instructional Supervisor for Science at the student's respective school prior to registering for this course

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