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Summer School Course Description
Introduction to Algebra 163

Introduction to Algebra 163 Introduction to Algebra is available to GBN/GBS incoming freshmen that are registered for Algebra G/Studies or Algebra 163. Upon completion of this course, students may have their math placement for fall reconsidered from Algebra G/Studies 163 to Algebra 163. The focus is on the properties of real numbers, variables and algebraic expressions, linear equations and applications, and exploration of additional topics such as polynomials, rules of exponents, systems of equations, factoring, and quadratic equations. (Students completing this course will earn a .5 elective credit toward graduation. This elective credit will not be counted toward the District 225, 3 year math requirement.) Prerequisite: Pre-algebra/Common Core 8. All subject GPA. Students must have department permission in order to take this course. Code/Date: MAI36200R June 15 -July 2; Time: 8:00 a.m-1:30 p.m.; Credit: FR

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