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Summer School Course Description
Geometry for Acceleration 262

Geometry 163 for Acceleration
This rigorous, fast-paced course is designed for students who have successfully completed Algebra G/Studies or Algebra 163 (strong B or better) and are seeking to accelerate their math pathway by completing the study of Geometry over the summer.
Geometry 163 includes formal proof, logic and deductive reasoning, parallel and perpendicular lines, polygons, congruent and similar figures, coordinate geometry, transformations, right triangles and trigonometry, circles, surface area, and volume.
Prerequisite: Algebra 163 with strong B or better. IS and teacher recommendation. Please see your teacher for a request form. Academic & All subject GPA.
This course is intended for current high school students wishing to accelerate. Entering ninth graders may not take this class. Code/Date: MAG26200R July 6-July 23; Time: 8:00 a.m-1:30 p.m.; Credit: SO JR SR

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