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Summer School Course Description
Algebra G 161 (GBN) Algebra Studies 161 (GBS)

Algebra G 161/162 (GBN) Algebra Studies 161/162 (GBS) This algebra course begins the “G/Studies” sequence, a college preparatory mathematics program. Students in this course generally cover the same topics as students in Algebra 163. The pace of the course and problem selection is matched to student ability. The focus is on the topics of linear equations, systems of equations, inequalities, exponents, and absolute value quadratics, polynomials, and properties of exponents. All subject and academic GPA. Summer school courses are designed for remediation and are not to be taken for acceleration. Entering ninth graders may not take this class. Code/Date: MAA15100R – June 13-July 2; Time: 8:00 a.m-1:35 p.m.; Time: 8:00 a.m.-1:35 p.m.; Credit: ˝ SO JR SR

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