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Driver Ed BTW 161

Behind the Wheel (BTW) Driver Education is a two phase program consisting of a 32- hour Classroom phase and a 6 hour Behind the Wheel phase: Behind the Wheel (NOT required for graduation and subject to GPA). The behind the wheel phase is not a graduation requirement. Any student who desires to get a driverís license prior to their 18th birthday must take this phase of the program in conjunction with the classroom phase. A student must have a minimum of 6 clock hours to receive credit. The behind the wheel phase teaches safety and competent driving techniques in actual driving situations (a car out on the road). A student must have 6 clock hours in order to receive credit. Students who are absent more than once, and do not meet State of Illinois credit hour criteria (GDL), will be dropped from the program. The student must be 15 years old by May 1, 2019; First time Driverís Education students who wish to obtain a driving permit must enroll in both the Classroom and Behind the Wheel sections; Code/Date: DWE16100R Ė June 11-July 19; Time: To be schedule the first day of classroom; Credit: 1/4 SO JR SR

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